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  29 March 2017 - South Harrow Walk Cancellation -  May Spring Bank
                                       Holiday May 29

  1 April 2017 - Announcing the Belmont Rattler Summer walk Programme

Main contact number for Harrow Health Walks has changed

The coordinator for the Harrow Walking for Health scheme is now Ferhat Cinar, from the Council's Adult Health Improvement Team. 

He can be contacted on 020 8420 9526, if anyone has questions about any walk or any aspect of the scheme.

The Belmont Rattler Summer programme of walks starts again on Saturday 8th April 2017 and will run on the 2nd Saturday of every month through to October 2017. 

However, there may be some occasions when walk leaders may not be present, due to other commitments. On such occasions, if the walkers have sufficient knowledge of the route, we would urge you to walk as a Friends Group. For those of you unfamiliar with the route please see the map below.
Please Note : The South Harrow Walk on  Bank Holiday Monday, 29th May has been cancelled.

Of couse, if walkers wish to walk, as a Friends Walking Group, then feel free to turn up and head off by yourselves, but it's unlikely that there will be a leader!


Everyone knows that exercise is good for us, right? But not everyone relishes the thought of actually doing something to make us healthier. Well here's a message for you... Your already do some basic exercise pretty much every day of your life!! And that exercise is WALKING !!! So, why not make the time to do just a little bit more and on a regular basis and see what a difference it can make to your life.

Here are a series of links from well respected sources about the benefits of walking. Enjoy the read then resolve to put on your shoes and get walking.

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Your health, your choices

 => Walking for Health - Getting Started

Go to NHS Choices homepage

Your health, your choices

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