Hints and tips 

Worried about the speed/length of the walks? (too little/slow or too long/fast)

If you are worried about the speed of the walks and think that they may be too fast for you, there will always be at least two Volunteer Walk Leaders- with one of them acting as a 'back marker'.  This means that you will never get left behind, as the back marker will never walk faster than the last walker.

If you are still a bit nervous about attending, then choose one of the shorter walks such as the Harrow Rec walk on a Tuesday morning and then build up to one of the longer walks.

Alternatively, if you are concened that the walks may be too slow for you, we try to cater for all by ensuring that there are enough Volunteer Walk Leaders should there be a group that wants to break away from the main group of walkers.  If you are concerned that the walks that we offer are too short for you, there are a number of longer rambles organised thoughout the year.  Please email us and you can be added to the list of people interested in these longer walks

Winter walking

Don’t get caught out this winter. A slip or fall in snowy/icy conditions is everyone’s nightmare. But there is something that you can do. Get hold of a pair of YakTrax or StableIcers, available from a good outdoor shop or online from Amazon or e-bay, and you should be able to walk confidently* and safely* in the worst that winter can throw at you!

StableIcers Lite
£12 (ebay)  £15 (Amazon & Cotswolds)

YakTrax Walker 
£10 (ebay) £15 (Amazon & Cotswolds) 

*Natural caution and care should be adopted when walking in severe weather conditions