Walkers comments  

“Walking for Health” is a “winner” on all counts : although originally starting them to improve fitness –  we now go as much to see our friends, made on walks over the months [an unexpected “social bonus”], as “for the exercise”   Certainly the best activity we’ve discovered since retiring... Thank you so much, ALL of you,  for the wonderful new dimension you’ve added to our lives.


B & C M (name withheld on request)

"I really enjoy going on the walks as it helps to re-vitalise me and gets me more focussed at work. I always feel great after the walk and the leaders are always fun and energetic!" 

 Judith Adams, Harrow-on-the-Hill walker

"I heard about the walks from Sunrise Radio. I love the walk, it is very good and I have made many friends. The leaders are excellent and it helps your health!" 

Niranjana Rupandia, South Harrow and Rayners Lane walker

“I heard about the walk on the radio and thought I would like to join so at least once a week, I am out with people. When you are alone, you sometimes feel you don’t want to go out at all.”
“I am registered blind and have very little vision, but it’s easy to walk because people help me.”
“Whenever I have been, I enjoy it very much. We go to a lovely little park in South Harrow and enjoy taking it all in – we’re usually walking for about 40 minutes.”

Sarita Shah, 58, of South Harrow, is registered blind and is a carer, looking after her mother. She said the programme had made it possible for her to get out of the house regularly.